Special Moments of 2022

I was asking myself what are some moments in 2022 that were so special to me and how those moments inspired me or gave me a new insight or perspective to me. Then, I asked myself why I should not write a post about it. While there were many moments, I am going to list 10 of them.

#1 My parents’ 50th wedding anniversary

The highlight of the event was my father’s classmates who came all the way from our native place driving for more than 3 hours.

#2 Virat Kohli’s six in the T20 match against Pakistan

Sport and movies need a bit of exaggeration to illustrate the experience. If you didn’t watch those two sixes LIVE, you basically havent lived your life.

#3 Messi’s goal against Australia and his brilliance in the WC final

Messi magic! | Argentina v Australia | Round of 16 | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 — YouTube

In the semifinal and final, he was just absolutely brilliant. The world cup final was the best football I’ve seen in my life. It was a match between France’s brilliant coach Didier Deschamps and Lionel Messi. Didier took out almost all his senior players except Mbappe and pumped in fresh blood after Argentina took a dominant 2–0 lead. That strategy paid handsome dividends with France finding new energy dominating Argentina in the last 20 mins. After a nail biter, Argentina ended a 36 year world cup drought.

Messi lifted not just the trophy but himself above all the GOATs in football.

In addition, Qatar’s dream to organize a world cup in a desert and making it happen was so inspirational as well.

#4 Kamal Hassan’s Vikram


You can make anything world class if you beleive in and dedicate yourself to it was the message that Lokesh Kanagaraj delivered through the film

Kamal Hassan is in the film industry for 60 years and even at this age of 67, he is still giving every hero a run for their money with his swag, dance and uber cool attitude. This dance especially from 1:08–1:22 in the pathala pathala song (video below) gave me goosebumps. He danced better than all the other dancers dancing with him and his moves were just so perfect.

Pathala Pathala Video | VIKRAM | Kamal Haasan | Anirudh Ravichander | Lokesh Kanagaraj — YouTube

I want to be as cool as Kamal Hassan when I turn 67 and I want to have that swag.

#5 Passing the French exam

On the exam day, I made some blunders which included forgetting few words that led to an ‘okay’ performance in speaking. When the results came after a month, I had scored 76/100 in Oral and 92/100 in writing. I was just 3 points shy of B1 level and had comfortably passed my exam with ease. It was so satisfying and the efforts yielded the desired outcomes.

#6 A day in a slum in Mexico City

The other big surprise for me during that day was the trip to the school to pick up the kids. The school was named after Rabindranath Tagore. Can you believe it?

#7 A visit to San Marino, my 43rd country

During this trip, I also got an opportunity to visit one of my most favorite cities, Florence. Florence is the capital of Tuscany, the most beautiful region on this planet and was home to Leonardo Da Vinci. It houses so many amazing museums including the Uffizi Gallery which houses the famous statue David by Leonardo Da Vinci. It also has probably the most beautiful bridges I have ever seen and this bridge is a treat to your eyes. it is called Ponte Vecchio and it is a bridge which has so much buildings on top of the bridge which makes it beautiful and lively.

#8 A conversation with Shai Agassi

I am working on a book on innovators who are moving the planet towards Net zero and wanted to include a chapter on Shai Agassi. I didnt have his address but after so many different outreach approaches, I finally reached Shai and convinced him to share his story with me which is now a chapter in my new book which is releasing in 2023.

You can watch his inspiring TED talk here

Shai Agassi: A new ecosystem for electric cars — YouTube

#9 My long walks at the start of the year

I followed this with a long walk to GEX which is 30 kms for a return trip. But I hurt my leg after this trip and didn’t do a long walk for the rest of the year but these two long walks were such a beautiful experience to cherish.

Walk 2: The Long Walk to GEX — 30.2 kms — YouTube

#10 Meditated for 201 days this year and started Yoga.

In addition, I joined an online yoga class to get formally trained through a trainer based in Noida. It was super helpful and I was able to practice it for 2 months but stopped it after my trip to India. I need to restart it again.



Entrepreneur & Writer; ex-WEF/ Innosight; Innovation work featured in Lean Startup. Led Day time Emmy nominated animation series; Author of a book on Net Zero

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Entrepreneur & Writer; ex-WEF/ Innosight; Innovation work featured in Lean Startup. Led Day time Emmy nominated animation series; Author of a book on Net Zero