Conversations with AI — 1

3 min readMar 27


Ramana Maharishi (source:

Self Enquiry is a practice, using a question ‘Who am I?’, pioneered by Sri Ramana Maharashi, a saint, from my hometown Madurai who found abode in Tiruvannamalai later. This practice was popularized in the west, especially in Europe where there is a big following, by Mooji. Yesterday, I watched a video of Rupert Spira on how to practice Self Enquiry. Rupert’s video was very good and he explained the concept really well.

This morning, I started a conversation with chatGPT using the prompt below

It was little too high level and so, I changed my prompt to the one below so that it can help me as a layman.

That was real fluff. So I expressed my disappointment and asked it(not sure whether to use ‘it’ or ‘he’ or ‘she’) to explain properly

This one was better and so, I started engaging with it

This is starting to get much better and so, I asked to explain more and treated the AI like a living person

I then shared a label that I was struggling with for a long time

I wanted to understand what it meant by ‘compassion’

Some more to understand it even further

I am genuinely surprised by the quality of the responses. This is just the start of the ai era and it is going to get better. Already, this is better than many interpretations I have heard from different people.

Ramana Maharishi, who is on the wall opposite to me, might agree with me

Conversations with AI will continue…




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